Guiding Principles

Forever-Affordable Housing

Our homes and rental units are affordable in perpetuity. Forever is a long time and through the community land trust model we are able to ensure our homes stay affordable in perpetuity. With our ownership of the land and the availability of on-going subsidies, we are committed to providing high quality affordable housing for income-qualified individuals and families forever.

An Informed & Empowered Community

Our goal is to ensure old-fashioned citizen participation through community organizing. Sawmill Community Land Trust encourages civic engagement through community discussion and decision making. Land trust homeowners automatically receive a vote in organizational issues and tenants and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate as land trust members. Through active, civil discourse positive community change happens.

Community Driven Economic Development

We are committed to community-supported and sustainable economic development activities. Part of the long-range plan for Sawmill Community Land Trust is to undertake economic development activities that will provide family-wage jobs and serve the neighborhood through needed goods and services.

Support & Advocacy

We are in it for the long-haul with the neighborhoods and residents we serve. In addition to providing homebuyer and financial counseling, we continue to serve residents after their home purchases through on going support. We also advocate on neighborhood issues because we believe that many who speak with one voice have a better chance of initiating change.

Honoring Culture & Community

We value and preserve history and culture. Each neighborhood where Sawmill Community Land Trust works has a unique story, history and culture. We are committed to preserving and celebrating these attributes that denote a special sense of place.

Stewardship of Resources

We are good stewards of all that we manage. From cleaning up and reclaiming old industrial sites to the careful management of financial gifts, and beyond. We are committed to being the best stewards of all the resources we manage.

Creating Stability & Success

Our goal is to provide a springboard to future success. Sawmill Community Land Trust is about more than affordable housing. We understand the linkage between good housing, good jobs, good education and a strong, engaged community to the long-term stability and success of families and neighborhoods. We take our role in integrated community revitalization very seriously and work tirelessly on a variety of fronts to help our clients and neighborhoods succeed.

Sawmill Community Land Trust

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